Our top leadership took a pledge to meet our 2021 targets, pursue our key projects and to uphold our Values.


The core components of our success as we transition into the e-mobility era are these: Integrity – Respect – Excellence. Everything we do boils down to these 3 Values.


If we act with Integrity, for example by being honest and trustworthy we are able to identify problems and solve them quicker.


If we treat each other with Respect, for example by listening and supporting each other, we show that we care and create a work environment where everyone feels valued.


If we show Excellence in everything we do, for example by taking ownership and driving innovation, we continuously take our operations to the next level and remain competitive.”

On the corporate level we have our Group Essentials. And those remain in place. From the Group Essentials, we distilled three simple and straightforward values. These Values we all can act upon at all times for our plant, Volkswagen Chattanooga. The Group Essentials are fully represented in our three Values. In short, if you always act with in Integrity, Respect, and Excellence in mind, you will fulfill each of the seven Group Essentials.